Tap dance

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Polaris Dance Institute

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Tap Legends

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Welcome to the Tap 'n Arts Dance Studio of Harrisburg, PA. Since Septemberthe Tap 'n Arts Dance Studio has been providing dance and acting training to students of all ages, levels and abilities.

The pace rapidly shifted to lyrical, modern and tap dances, along with some comedic overtones. — Elizabeth Moore, iserxii.com, "North Shore Notables: Project Love benefit helps mother battling cancer," 13 May STEPS Performing Arts teaches tap dance, and the show gives those students a.

Our growing year-round Adult Program offers rhythm tap training and enrichment for beginning through advanced professional tap dancers (Adults & Teens 13+), including tap dance rudiments, technique and repertory classes, ensemble performance opportunities, professional tap dance intensive weekends and seasonal master classes, jams, performances & special events.

Make some noise in tap shoes made to perform. Explore our complete collection of name brand tap shoes at incredible prices. Styles for beginners to pros. Split soles, character, slip-ons, oxfords, and more. Dance Together for 2's and 3's with Mom or Dad. This class is designed for children who are not ready to be in class on his/her own.

The class is 30 minutes in length and Mom or Dad participates with the child. The ITA Website Tap Legends content is compiled from numerous sources across the Internet.

If you, as a valuable member or guest, notice that one of our precious rhythm artists is missing, or that our information is incorrect, please contact us. We're only human but superhuman in our ability to remedy the situation immediately! Well give us a few .

Tap dance
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