Praat resynthesis

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Spectral Sound Processing with Graphical Interaction

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Praat Vocal Toolkit

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Cyclotron X2

synchronous overlap-and-add) algorithm resynthesis in Praat [12]. The three distinct Speech Rate conditions were created by slowing down the context surrounding the function word with time expansion by a factor of in the “” condition, by a factor of in the “” condition; the. 3 Read the modified duration tier file to Praat object window Highlight both the manipulation and the duration tier Click Replace duration tier Highlight the manipulation and click Get resynthesis (PSOLA).

PENTAtrainer1 consists of a Praat script, and (learnqta for Mac)-- an executable called by the script. See Download Put both files in the folder containing the sound files to be analyzed, and launch Praat.

The quantity of expressive information carried by each dimension separately (using Praat algorithms), as well as the processing implied to carry it (global value vs. contour) has been perceptively measured for a set of natural mono-syllabic utterances (Audibert et al, ).

resynthesis of all stimuli within a corresponding vowel series. Praat was used to apply each of the lters to the source wave derived from the /d/ token with the corresponding vowel, so that all members of each VCV series were based Author's personal copy.

Praat resynthesis
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