Marine protection

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The President of Brazil, Michel Temer, has announced an increase in marine protection by approximatelykm 2 in two large mosaics of marine protected areas. A declaration for even more protected areas including Amazon mangroves and coastal sea is expected later this month.

In response to public criticisms of Canada’s marine protection policies, the federal minister of fisheries, oceans, and the Canadian Coast Guard, Dominic LeBlanc, convened a national advisory panel to garner recommendations.

The Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act (MPRSA) is a U.S. federal environmental legislation passed in This Act authorized the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to regulate ocean dumping of industrial waste, sewage sludge, biological agents, NBC, radioactive waste and other wastes into the territorial waters of the United States through a permit program.

Marine Protection, Research and Sanctuaries Act of (MPRSA) or Ocean Dumping Act is one of several key environmental laws passed by the US Congress in The Act has two essential aims: to regulate intentional ocean disposal of materials, and to authorize any related research.

What is a marine protected area?

Marine Debris Photo Credit: Sonoma Coast Surfrider Marine debris is a problem of international scale, as demonstrated by the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre; however, it is also an issue that needs to be addressed at a local level.

How Does Tribos® Marine Paint Protection work? Tribos® Marine Paint Protection is a polymer designed specifically for painted surfaces. It acts like a protective coating that ensures a water and oil-repellent surface that ‘locks out’ damaging water and salt and is very easy to clean.

Marine protection
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