Bug inc paper

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Bug Inc Paper

I decorated the fronts of the boxes with the cardstock from Christmas Town's 12 x 12 paper pack. The numbers are print n cut layered on top of a label cut from ladybug and limeade textured cardstock. The numbers are print n cut layered on top of a label cut from ladybug and limeade textured cardstock.

Another legal protection that Bug Inc can apply for is a patent which is designed to protect the electronic recording devices that the company makes.

The first subject matter to be discussed is that of Patent. BUG, Inc., a company based in Los Angeles, California, invented an electronic recording device, which can intercept and record sounds and voices through the walls of a house, using a remote microphone.

The company designs, manufactures, and sells these devices exclusively to state and federal law. Shop for insect paper online at Target. Doodlebug Design, Salt Lake City, UT.

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Bug inc paper
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